Karman Zoo. The wall lights you don't expect

Karman Zoo. Le applique che non ti aspetti

Are you looking for an original idea to furnish and make a corner of your environment special? The answer is Karman. Indeed Karman Zoo , the collection of wall lamps designed specifically for animal and design lovers.
Irony, extravagance and uniqueness: these are the characteristics of the catalog by Karman , a lighting brand that was born in Italy but looks well beyond the horizon of the country. Karman lamps are the maximum expression of a vision that wants to combine functionality and magic in lights that are unconventional in design, materials and concept.

Karman Zoo. Light sculptures

Smiles and amazement are not lacking in this Karman Zoo collection which is enriched every year with new light sculptures. Made of ceramic , the manufacturing company's favorite raw material, the Zoo Karman wall lights recall the animal world with simplicity and at the same time great expressive power.

Karman Marnin

The first of the Karman Zoo series, the Marnìn wall lamp was produced in 2013. The raw ceramic finish is opaque and velvety to the eye and touch, with natural elegance. His is a poetic and dreamy presence that inspires amazement, like fairy tales do with children.

Karman Zoo Marnin wall lampKarman Zoo Marnin wall lamp

Karman I see you

Presented by Karman in 2015, Ti.Vedo is produced in a table lamp and wall lamp version.
Irreverent and one of a kind, Ti.Vedo is a project with a strong decorative component. This irresistible glowing owl attracts attention when lit, emerging from the darkness.
As Karman writes, Ti.Vedo is the first lamp that overturns the normal gesture of looking at a luminous object... now it's the light that looks at you!

Karman Zoo Ti Vedo table lampKarman Zoo Ti Vedo wall lamp

Karman April

Karman's zoological exploration could not miss Aprile , a fish -shaped wall light produced by the Italian company in 2016.
Not scales but a lush riot of leaves and flowers make this light sculpture an expression of spring and rebirth. The light bulb that interprets the eye of the fish completes the aesthetics of the project perfectly.

Karman Zoo April wall lampKarman Zoo April wall lamp

Karman Cuban

Made in 2017, Karman Cubano refers to the dream of distant and exotic places. The reference to travel and the charm of lands to explore and dream characterizes the Cubano wall lamp , perfect for decorating environments with an unusual style.

With its huge and characteristic beak, Cubano perfectly reflects the Karman philosophy. Amaze, excite and leave no one indifferent.

Karman Zoo Cuban wall lampKarman Zoo Cuban wall lamp

Karman Ugo Rilla

The Ugo Rilla wall light enters the design market in 2018. Great amazement and success for this ceramic wall lamp available in white and matt gray finishes.
It is impossible not to notice the reference to one of the most powerful cinematographic icons in history in this project. Strength and anger find expression in the high relief creation of the fur for a scenic effect that attracts attention and arouses amazement. Like King Kong , Ugo Rilla also wants to be a warning:

Ugo Rilla was not born to excite, with the expression and anger with which he tears up one of man's greatest inventions, he screams in protest, making us reflect on what he is capable of doing towards nature and his fellow men.

Karman Zoo Ugo Rilla wall lampKarman Zoo Ugo Rilla wall lamp

Karman Amsterdam

The iconic Karman bulldog enters the collection in 2019. Made of ceramic in two finishes (white and matt grey), the Amsterdam wall lamp immediately achieved great success, confirming itself as a must-have for Karman's luminous zoo.

Karman Zoo Amsterdam wall lampKarman Zoo Amsterdam wall lamp

Karman Corrado

The last of the series, the Karman Corrado wall lamp will be presented to the public in 2021. Made of ceramic in matt white and gray and in the new velvety black .
Corrado is the synthesis of everything that characterizes the manufacturing company: contemporary and surprising but with strong references to the past such as the style of the light sources, the friezes of the rose window and the ivy decoration of the antlers.

Like ivy wrapping the bark of a tree, an ancient classic chandelier takes possession of its horns, wrapping them with refined harmony creating a unique suggestion.

Karman Zoo Corrado wall lampKarman Zoo Corrado wall lamp

Karman Maoo

It entered the Zoo collection in 2003, conquering everyone. The essence of the internet's most loved animal also appears in the world of lighting design with this ceramic lamp combined with a luminous ceramic sphere with which our light cat plays and entertains us. Available in wall lamp and table lamp version, in white or black. We are in love with it. and you?

Karman Maoo table lampKarman Maoo Wall Lamp Applique

With Karman Zoo the Wow! effect it is insured. Discover the entire collection here and get inspired!