Vibia Plusminus. The lighting system that shapes the atmosphere.

Vibia Plusminus. Il sistema d'illuminazione che plasma l'atmosfera.

Plusminus is a 2022 novelty produced by Vibia and signed by the creative flair of Diez Office .
Plusminus could be defined as a lighting system but it is actually much more. It is a game, a redefinition of space, in which light does not lose its function but acquires new values ​​in the relationship between environments and the people who inhabit them.

Plus minus. The New Era of Lighting

This is the definition of Vibia to summarize the ambitious project that takes the name of Plusminus .
The basic concept of this system is fluidity, which allows dialogue, research and maximum creativity of the human experience in thinking and living spaces.
The goal is functionality, excellently achieved thanks to a system that is essential (few elements), versatile (largely customisable) and intuitive (simple to install).
But let's see in detail what Plusminus is.

Plus minus. Create your project

The Plusminus lighting system is based on the design of various elements declined according to a high degree of customization that give light to countless combinations. A project is needed but we'll help you for that!

Conductive Belt Plusminus

The Plusminus project is based on the use of an electrified belt thanks to the integrated conductive fibers. The luminous bodies are hooked to the belt and light up instantly. It can measure any length and be used completely flexibly, thus realizing your light designs.
As Vibia says – If you can draw, you can do it with Plusminus -.

Vibia Plusminus

Plusminus diffusers

The luminous bodies designed for Plusminus are varied in terms of shapes and characteristics. There are sphere , conical , semicircular diffusers. And also spotlights and linear lights . In relation to the function, the environment and the idea it is possible to express countless atmospheres with light.
Each device attaches to the belt with a simple click-and-connect system and its position can be changed at any time.

Vibia Plusminus Speakers

Toolbox Plusminus

Plusminus by Vibia is a project thought out down to the smallest detail. To fully express your creativity, each composition will be accompanied by a toolbox of accessories for quick and easy installation. Inside are the ends of the strap , the fixing accessories (ceiling, wall or floor), and various strap tensioner clips to bring your creations to life.

Vibia Plusminus Toolbox

Electrical connection options

A single light point is enough for your composition. Plusminus offers many solutions: from the ceiling rose to the built-in installation to the ground connection with button. In relation to the installation decided, it will be possible to adjust the light intensity according to your needs.

Vibia Plusminus Connection Options

All elements combine with each other and are designed to be installed in a simple and intuitive way. Click here to view .

Plusminus invents space

Plusminus represents a challenge for Vibia in wanting to create a new concept of light. Pioneering technology is combined with the concept of fluid light, versatile but also simple and essential in all its elements. Thus light also becomes functional to the needs of spaces, of living in environments, of architecture.

“Thanks to its extreme versatility, the Plusminus collection makes it possible to find solutions to an incredible number of lighting problems. I think today's architects and lighting designers need certainties on investments, and Plusminus is able to offer them

Steven Diez

Vibia thus signs a project that goes beyond the limits of categories (suspensions, appliques, ceilings, etc.) and which lends itself to all environments, becoming functional to the atmosphere - and therefore potentially an ambient and accent light at the same time - , functional to the intended use - work environments, the home, contract spaces - and to the architecture - from separating the environments to the creation of real installations, with Plusminus the creations are endless - .

With the Vibia Plusminus lighting system you can find the right inspiration CLICK HERE and if you too want to try and create your own composition, contact us.
We will help you realize your lighting projects .

Vibia Plusminus CompositionVibia Plusminus CompositionVibia Plusminus CompositionVibia Plusminus CompositionVibia Plusminus CompositionVibia Plusminus CompositionVibia Plusminus CompositionVibia Plusminus CompositionVibia Plusminus Composition