Eclipse Table Lamp. A masterpiece by Artemide

Artemide Eclisse PVD

I've always liked objects made of nothing, almost concepts expressed in space with minimal apparent effort. In fact, I think that a well-designed object should always last, regardless of any fashion.

Via Magistretti
1977, Interview with Corriere della Sera Illustrato

There was no better way to introduce the subject than with the words of one of the major spokesmen of Italian design in the world. The focus is Eclisse , designed by Vico Magistretti and produced by Artemide.

Artemide Eclisse Table LampArtemide Eclisse Table Lamp

Eclipse. Identikit of a masterpiece

Eclisse is a table lamp designed in 1965. Symbol of made in Italy design in the world, in 1967 it won the coveted Compasso d'Oro and was exhibited in the most important international museums such as Moma in New York and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

Vico Magistretti - Eclipse by Artemide

Artemis Elisse. Yesterday and today

Undisputed timeless icon, even today, after more than 50 years, the Eclisse table lamp makes room for the homes and lives of millions of people. Like all the great classics of industrial design, it has all the characteristics for success such as recognisability , simplicity of design and use together with functionality .
In fact, with Eclisse it is possible to have both direct and indirect light emission with a simple gesture thanks to the rotation mechanism of the cap which regulates its intensity and direction. If we add to all this a price decidedly within the reach of most we can add to the list of adjectives that also characterize it as democratic .

Eclipse by ArtemisEclisse by Artemide finishes

Eclipse Table Lamp. Intuition in a sketch

And to think that Magistretti 's genius in the realization of this project was illuminated by the verses of V. Hugo who in Les Miserables tells of

an old blind lantern, made of copper, worthy of Diogenes who became Cartouche

Hence the intuition of a lamp made with three hemispheres : one for the base, one fixed externally and one mobile internally which, by simply sliding, regulates the flow of light by imitating all the phases of an eclipse, up to total darkening.

Eclisse by Artemide - Vico Magistretti project

PVD eclipse. A classic that gets a new look

Compared to the original project, today Eclisse is produced with a ring that allows the rotation of the shell without burning your fingers.
For the rest, the success of this lamp remains unchanged over time, indeed it is enriched with new patterns and finishes. Always produced in white, red, orange or yellow finishes, today Eclisse undergoes a modernization thanks to the metal pattern of the new colors. It was in 2021 that Eclisse PVD was born, a coating that is formed from an innovative and sustainable metal vaporization process (non-harmful) and which allows the new metal film to stand out (technically sputtering). Produced in Black , Brass , Copper and Mirror , today the Eclisse table lamp is presented on the market in a contemporary guise and suitable for new aesthetic needs.

Eclisse PVD by Artemide

Eclipse by Artemis. Did you know that…

A little curiosity: did you know that Eclisse can also be mounted as a wall lamp ?

Eclisse by Artemide - Wall lamp

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