Desk lamps - 3 rules for choosing the right one

Lampade da scrivania di design. Tre regole per scegliere quella giusta.

Beautiful but not only. In fact, the desk lamp will have to help us in work functions, without cluttering up our workstation.

To choose the right one, read our guide.

Rule no. 1 – Functionality

There are two basic elements of a desk lamp: the articulated arm and the adjustable head . In this way it will be possible to direct the light emission according to work needs, with a direct beam on the worktop to encourage concentration, or diffused for a more relaxing atmosphere.

Given that the right desk lamp does not have to take up a lot of space, in this sense too it is possible to consider various choices:

  • a lamp with a base that rests directly on the surface;
  • with clamp connection that is positioned on one side, taking up minimal space;
  • with clamp connection to create a light point without any clutter, using a shelf or computer monitor.
Flos Kelvin table lampArtemide Demetra table lamp with clampArtemide Tolomeo micro pliers

Rule no. 2 – Light


The color of the light can make a difference. On a work surface , 4000K natural light is recommended, which keeps the colors unaltered and promotes concentration.


With a dimmable lamp it is possible to adjust the light intensity with a simple touch.

Direct and indirect lighting

Thanks to the adjustable head you can choose to have diffused and relaxing lighting or direct lighting for better concentration.

Rule no. 3 – Design


If you don't want to make mistakes in terms of style, certainly the best way is to choose a timeless classic, such as Tolomeo or Tizio.

FontanaArte Naska table lamp with clampArtemide Tolomeo aluminiumArtemide Tizio Richard Sapper


Instead, you might prefer a latest generation lamp made with the most modern LED , materials and lighting technologies.

Artemide Ixa table lampFlos BilboquetArtemide Vine Light


Style is also very important to create harmony in your workstation. Starting from the material (glass, metal or wood) can certainly be an excellent strategy and you will be spoiled for choice.

Let us know what your favorite desk lamp is and ask us for a quote .