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Ecological and energy transition are important issues that closely concern all of us, our habits, our choices. Thinking and operating according to a model of sustainability can have a major impact on the environment and also on our bills.

In recent years, the lighting engineering sector has been offering solutions that are increasingly in line with a vision that sees Sustainable Light . Research into technology, materials, production processes and the development of more efficient sources: the lighting industry is a truly green evolution .

We give you some advice to make the most of the potential of a more sustainable design lighting not only for the environment but also for man.

Choose the LED

Whether it's simple light bulbs or sophisticated lighting fixtures, LED is always the best answer for those who want to invest in a solution that optimizes consumption and light output in the best possible way. In fact, LEDs use up to 85% less electricity than halogen lighting, and last even longer over time. Convert your lighting to LED and you will have less consumption, less waste, lower CO2 emissions. And your wallet will thank you!

Alphabet of light by ArtemisAlphabet of light by ArtemisAlphabet of light by Artemis

Lighting S mart

Smart is intelligent and efficient. Even light can be smart: smart bulbs and smart lighting help us live in a more functional way, optimizing and monitoring consumption, respecting the environment, without sacrificing comfort. The home automation approach to lighting allows for lamps and lights of which we can control many aspects, including light intensity, light color, switching on, even remotely.

Chouchin MyLight FoscariniTwiggy MyLight FoscariniPlena MyLight Foscarini

Rechargeable lamps

There are now many rechargeable lamps on the market, suitable for outdoors and indoors, equipped with reusable lithium batteries or powered by solar energy. They are functional because they allow you to have a prêt-à-porter light but above all they are beautiful and original. We offer you a selection of wireless Battery Lamps that you will surely fall in love with click here

A tip: they are beautiful design gift ideas .

Diogenes Hybrid by LogicaAfrica battery by VibiaClizia Mama non Mama battery by Slamp

Dimmable light

The Dimmable Lights allow you to adjust the light intensity through a button, touch or web application. A lighting therefore customizable for every environment, moment and need, which allows a functional and personalized use of light, reducing unnecessary waste.

A company that has converted a large part of its production towards a smart technological evolution , exploiting all the possibilities of the dimmer is Foscarini with the MyLight system, an app that can be activated and used via bluetooth from your smart device to make it more unique and personal your own light. Click here to choose your smart and dimmable lamp.

Here is our guide to saving energy with sustainable light . And how do you commit yourself to respecting the environment?

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