The Spring of Light | Lamps with floral and delicate decorations for a romantic atmosphere

La primavera della Luce. Lasciati incantare da queste lampade floreali.

Light too has its own Spring made up of delicate nuances, sinuous shapes and inspiration from nature. Beautiful designer lamps with a romantic and bohemian atmosphere, which by themselves create harmony and beauty, designed for every type of style, environment and furniture.

We have prepared a small selection for you that will leave you spellbound.

Slamp's Spring of Light

Slamp is the company that most of all has let nature with its flowers, colors and shapes be its inspiring muse. Thanks to the use of patented, noble and unbreakable technopolymers, the luminous creations signed by Slamp are real sculptures made by the skilled hands of light seamstresses. LaFleur , Tulip , Mama non mama , La Vie : the haute couture of made in Italy lighting which through joints, cuts and folds gives life to soft petals, surprising cascades of suspended flowers, the color and energy of harmony natural.

LaFleur by Slamp rechargeable lampCLizia Mama not Mama by Slamp
La Vie by SlampTulip lamps by Slamp

The Spring of Light by Artemis

The vision of the natural world of Artemis is instead symbolic and conceptual. The Yanzi family of lamps is a true reference to spring, essential and elegant, its is a refined and minimalist design. A look that is a synthesis between tradition and innovation is the basis of this collection that recalls swallows resting on branches. We can't forget the hypnotic and light charm of Chlorophilia , designed by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide . A unique design in which organic and fluid shapes give a dynamism of reflections. The texture of the leaves, made from phytomorphic elements, reflects the light like a lens, giving a surprising experience. A play of solids and voids characterizes the New Nature floor lamp , which thanks to its structure gives three-dimensionality to the surrounding spaces.

Yanzi lamps by ArtemideChlorophilia lamp by ArtemideNew Nature floor lamp by Artemide

The spring of light by Flos

A dome that hides a secret garden: Skygarden by Flos surprises and fascinates thanks to the concept that evokes the beauty of ancient decorations that adorned the ceilings. There is a whole unexpected world under that modern and essential hemisphere, a world of leaves, flowers and small insects made with plaster . A hymn to spring, to the awakening of nature, to its beauty and grace. Designed by Marcel Wanders , thanks to the amazement of its design , the romantic atmosphere and its soft light rendering with Skygarden the wow effect! it is insured.

Skygarden lamp by FlosFloral pattern Skygarden by FlosSkygarden recessed by Flos

Karman's Spring of Light

In spring, nature awakens, taking back its spaces, conquering with its colors, fascinating with its shapes. Thus also in Karman the natural element takes over a project, a vision, adding grace and beauty. Ceramic becomes a blank canvas in which flowers and leaves contribute to the poetics of lighting that tells a story, a typical feature of Karman. This happens, for example, with the Workinprogress lamp , in which the Italian manufacture is celebrated through the floral motif, or Nilo , an example in which the light blends with the landscape in a total and natural way. On the other hand, Accipicchio is ironic and playful, a tube floor lamp, simple and linear, on which a nice wooden woodpecker reminds us that we can also play and tell stories with light.

Accipicchio floor lamp by KarmanNile by KarmanWork in progress by Karman

The spring of light by FontanaArte

If what you are looking for is a bright flower then FontanaArte has created the perfect lamp for you. Blom is ironic, emotional, colorful and brilliant. A small luminous jewel in which the blades of the structure become the petals of a beautiful flower of light. Through their rotation they change the shape of the flower and also the light output of the lamp. Blom is produced in different color finishes, from bright and vibrant tones to dark and intense ones, perfect for a garden of light.

Blom lamp by Fontana ArteBlom Fontana Arte green lampBlom lamp FontanaArte yellow

Here are some of the most beautiful floral lamps on the Italian design scene.

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