Outdoor lamps – Guide to outdoor materials

Lampade da esterno – Guida ai materiali outdoor

Are you designing your outdoor lighting and don't know where to start? Read our blog and you will find useful tips for lighting your outdoor spaces.

Thinking about it during the design phase is very important and will help to best optimize the aesthetic and functional comfort of your outdoor space with the most appropriate light. Read our guide here to best think about the lighting of your exterior with three simple rules .

If phase 1, the design phase, has been resolved you are ready to move on to phase 2: the selection of lamps. Perhaps the funniest part, but how to make the right choice in the great offer of the lighting design market? Our advice is to start from the material . The materials suitable for the outdoors, in fact, must be carefully considered for their technical performance but also to give the desired style and the ideal atmosphere.

Metal outdoor lamps

Metal is a versatile, ductile material that is easily shaped. Resistant to bad weather and extreme temperatures, it is necessary to distinguish between aluminium, copper and brass.

Ideal Lux Tesla Outdoor lampDecorative Vision outdoor lampKarman Xana Outdoor lamp

Aluminum lamps

Aluminum is super durable and will not deteriorate over time. Adverse weather conditions, extreme temperatures and humidity do not affect its durability and for this reason it is very suitable for outdoor lighting. Easy to maintain, however, it has one flaw: it must be cleaned constantly to leave the oxide layer intact and therefore avoid corrosion.

The style indicated is modern and minimal, the perfect one is industrial.

Copper lamps

Usually light fixtures of this kind are made of brass and then covered in copper to maximize the best characteristics of both these metals, solidity and beauty. Although it is true that copper lamps are durable over time, it is also true that this metal will tend to darken. But this is also the beauty of copper!

Classic and elegant style.

Brass lamps

A solid and long-lasting metal, brass does not corrode over time and gives technical qualities to installations. But there's one thing to know: brass lasts over time but can become darker and more patina-like.

Versatile and sophisticated style.

Contardi Calypso outdoor lampFlos Captain flint outdoor lampKarman Xana Outdoor lamp

Outdoor glass lamps

Glass is the ductile material par excellence and also adapts very well to outdoor spaces given its ability to resist bad weather and extreme heat and cold. It cleans easily and lasts over time. Glass can be shaped into lamps of many styles but what characterizes its performance regardless of the shape is a soft, welcoming lighting with clean elegance.

Style? Any!

Karman Ginger outdoor glass lampVibia Class outdoor glass lampFlos In Vitro outdoor glass lamps

Concrete outdoor lamps

Concrete is certainly a durable material that does not require maintenance. Precisely due to its nature it is resistant and fireproof. Perfect for outdoor lamps, each piece made with this material will be unique. The style that concrete will give to your outdoor space is decidedly expressive and original, your concrete lamps will not simply be decorative but truly evocative installations.

Contemporary, pop and eclectic.

Flos Casting Concrete outdoor lampVibia Break outdoor lampKarman Cobu outdoor wall light

Outdoor lamps in fiberglass

Fiberglass lamps are innovative and beautiful. Thanks to the flexibility and lightness of this material it is possible to experiment with any decorative shape. It is also resistant to bad weather, heat and cold and does not require maintenance. Fiberglass is also very resistant to impacts, deterioration over time and water infiltration. Getting inspired by this material is easy, we are sure of the wow effect, if only for the quality-price ratio of these beautiful outdoor lamps.

Modern and contemporary style. Innovative.

Vibia Wind outdoor lampsKarman Blackout Outdoor lamp in fiberglassKarman Lady D outdoor lamp in fiberglass

At this point the search for the perfect designer light begins and contact us for:

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