FLOS - Wall lamps

For over fifty years, Flos has been shaping light like matter to give life to unique and revolutionary projects and ideas every time.

Among the most important brands in the world, today Flos is confirmed as the perfect synthesis of production, art and design, tradition and innovation.
Strengthened by an important history made of awards and great icons ( bow , be silent , Toio , brackets ),
Flos continues to have an eye towards the future and a creative drive that experiments with materials and technologies in a process of continuous reinvention.

Choose from a wide selection of Flos items among pendant lamps , wall lamps , ceiling lamps , table lamps , Floor lamps , Outdoor lamps on offer and with fast delivery.

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Flos Foglio Parete

Flos Foglio Wall

€258,00 – €619,20
Flos IC C/W2 Parete Soffitto
Lampade da parete Flos Oplight Parete W2

Flos Oplight Wall W2

Flos Coordinates Parete W2
Flos Coordinates Parete W1
Flos IC C/W1 Parete Soffitto
Lampade da parete Flos IC C/W2 Double Parete Ottone F3159059
Lampade da parete Flos IC C/W1 Double Parete Ottone F3157059
Lampade da parete Flos Taraxacum 88 Parete/Soffitto F7421000
Lampade da parete Flos Oplight Parete W1

Flos Oplight Wall W1

Flos Wirering Parete Rosa

Flos Wirering Pink Wall

€731,00 – €799,80
Flos Wirering Parete Grigio

Flos Wirering Wall Grey

€731,00 – €799,80
Lampade da parete Flos Wirering Parete Bianco Rosa F9512034
Flos Romeo Babe Soft Parete
Flos Romeo Babe Parete

Flos Romeo Babe Wall

Flos Pochette Up/Down Parete LED

Flos Pochette Up/Down Wall LED

€344,00 – €404,20